IEEE VIS 2021 Sweden Satellite

The visualization team at Linköping University is excited to host a satellite event for IEEE VIS 2021 in beautiful Norrköping, Sweden, and we’d love for you to join us between October 24th and 29th, 2021! We are starting to plan for the event, while also carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Sweden and across Europe. If you are potentially interested in joining us in Norrköping please fill out the information below. We will contact you as plans take shape as well as to communicate any changes due to the pandemic.


We will provide on-campus facilities to watch the live streams of VIS conference sessions. Due to the time difference, these sessions will predominantly take place in the afternoon. We will host an auxiliary program in the mornings to encourage networking and collaboration, consisting of a combination of demo sessions, seminar series, and lightning talks. We will also have fika each day. Additionally, there will be a local social event in the Visualization Center C, sponsored by Visual Sweden with a dinner and an evening at the dome theater.

Following the local program for the satellite event. Empty time slots in the morning indicate that no local event is planned; we are following the conference schedule in the afternoons starting at 1430, 1445, or 1500 depending on the day, see the official schedule for more information.

Time (local time) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1000-1100   Fika Fika Fika   Fika
1100-1200   Seminar (KO301) Seminar (KO301) Seminar (KO301)   Seminar (KO301)
1430-1500 (1445 on Tuesday)   Fika Fika Fika Fika Fika
1900-2200       Dinner and Social event at the Visualization Center C    


In the mornings of each day except Thursday we will have a small, very informal seminar series lasting one hour in which we will have 2 presentations and ample time for discussions.

  • Tuesday
    • Elias Elmquist, LiU: AudioVisual Analytics
    • Martin Falk, LiU: Visual Guidance in CryoEM Model Validation and Verification
  • Wednesday
    • Margit Pohl, TU Vienna: Visualization Onboarding
    • Angelos Chatzimparmpas, LNU: Visual Analytics for Explainable Machine Learning in a Nutshell
  • Friday
    • Signe Sidwall Thygesen, LiU: Visual abstractions and exploration of electronic transition ensembles
    • Daniel Witschard, LNU: Combining Different Embeddings for Multivariate Networks


The satellite event will take place at the Norrköping Campus of Linköping University, specifically in the building called Kopparhammaren 2 (the copper hammer) which you can find here. We have three conferences rooms (KO201, KO202 on the second floor, KO301 on the third floor) in which all of the events will take place. Don’t hesitate to reach out on on #norrköping channel in the conference Discord to get in touch with everyone.


The satellite event will take place at the Norrköping Campus of Linköping University. Norrköping is a city located about 2h south of Stockholm and easy to reach by car, train, and plane.

Visualization Center

The city has several great hotels and possible places to stay during the conference time. Some recommendations are:


If you are interested in joining us please complete this survey to receive updates via our mailing list and to help use start planning. Due to pandemic-restrictions currently active in Sweden, there is a maximum number of participants that we can allow using our available facilities, so this registration is first-come, first-served. If you fill out the registration but then later reconsider, please let us know so that we can keep an up-to-date account of attendees.

The IEEE VIS conference registration is handled separately by the main event.


Local Organizers

Alexander Bock
Ingrid Hotz
Andreas Kerren
Miriah Meyer
Anders Ynnerman